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DBI Construction - Perhaps Sierra Vista's "Most Talked About Builder". There must be a reason. Isaac Niu , Owner, of DBI Contracting has been in the home building business for  over 15 years. He is building some of Sierra Vista's finest custom homes, highly upgraded at most afforable pricing. We recurrently have homes under construction, more about ready to start and many finished homes with Happy Homeowners you can see.

  • Client and builder design sessions
  • In house drafting and final design
  • Weekly on site time with builder
  • In house construction financing available
  • Custom features with affordable pricing
  • quick build time
  • Constant customer communication
  • Primer features are our standard
  • Homes under construction
  • Unsurpassed quality and upgrades
  • Compare our prices and quality
Building some of Sierra Vista's nicest homes in the best areas May we build one for you?